Anonymouz is more than a name, it’s a philosophy.

MC ninja and one of the founding members of the international ILL-LEGITIMATE crew, Anon. pushes himself to deliver only the highest calibre material with a focus on content over everything.

The name itself is a statement of commitment, of universality in his approach, the removal of the ego, the sacrifice of art… “it doesn’t matter who I am… I am everyman… I am no-one… listen to what I say. I speak on behalf of the truth with force, for those that need to hear it have to be shaken out of their apathy to do so, as I was. This music right here is the magic ticket to wake people up and to make them listen. It takes experience, skill, hard truths and fuckin’ balls and we got those.”

No question, Anonymouz has a wholistic vision that drives his style. Born into an Italian frame on the Tiber Island in old Rome, Italy, and raised in the ethnically rich and diverse city of Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, the multiculturalism and international feel is evident in his work. Passion, discipline, family, honour, excellence; these are among the fundamental values which govern his mode of operation.

Living in Canada, where everyone is from somewhere else, customs and cultures of origin are preserved and laws are established in a way that unifies and governs all, while maintaining this undisturbed balance of peace and acceptance.

Anon focuses on the values that drive that culture, uncovering the universal truths that formed those values and aiming to understand and profess that understanding. Along this path to know-the-ledge he picked up a philosophy degree from the University of B.C.

Although Anon focuses his energies on achieving through the intricate structure of his written art, his easily recognizable timbre and hard-hitting cadence translate into powerful live performances which propelled his career out of North America and overseas to Europe and Australia.

His resume is a testimonial to his strength in front of a crowd. He has appeared live on bills alongside such artists as EPMDImmortal TechniqueAesop RockKool KeithWu KillabeezPharaoh MoncheILL Bill and more. A truly global artist, Anonymouz has toured and lived throughout 3 continents building his brand. In Australia, he worked on the Red Tape Renegades Compilation, appearing on Vol.1 (2008) and the same in Europe, where he stayed and released a cultural collaboration album, Klassiek, the first of its kind, with now teammate, Risskant, in 2009.

Anonymouz has released 2 solo albums: an.o.nym.i.ty (2006) and Smoking Joints (2012); and is featured on tracks and albums internationally. When he is not in the spotlight he works tirelessly as a member of ILL-LEGITIMATE behind the curtain on all the organizational and promotional initiatives.

The past few years have seen him further developing the production house, ILL-LEGITIMATE Productions, assuming the role of Executive Producer, “The man with no name” is back!

Anonymouz’s work ethic on the business aspects of the crew are only matched by his artistic drive. Over the last few years the fearless entrepreneur has been simultaneously preparing his life’s masterwork: a triple-album 10 years in the making. Hip Hop Anonymouz – Anon’s fall from grace, trials and defeats; reconstruction, rise, conquers; and eventual transcendence from “Hip Hop” into himself – compiled into 3 volumes: InfernoPurgatorio and Paradiso. The time is finally near…

*Hip Hop Anonymouz: INFERNO is nearly here…*

BUT FIRST… Anon represents his years of experience and uniquely cultivated style in a different way on ILL-LEGITIMATE group projects, where you can hear how much fun he’s having. However, unrivalled in his dedication and commitment, and far too pent up chipping away at his personal works, best that believe that Anon will be rapping loud, strong and heavy on the long-awaited, highly-anticipated album…


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