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Copasetic – Dragon Soul Zero

The Dragon Soul is an elusive creative force weaving itself through time, it is the knowledge and stories passed down by generations manifest in the minds of artists, scientists and philosophers. We search for it, and sometimes we catch a glimpse, yet it remains impossible to qualify, and forever just out of reach.
ILL-Legitimate is proud to bring you 11 unique “Copasetic” songs meticulously crafted by such producers as Sythe, Metawon, and Kratos, featuring the soulful vocal talents of Alyssa Baker and Alonzo Wang and hard hitting guest verses from Anonymouz, Dr Syntax and Kaboom. The music never strays too far from it’s hip-hop roots yet ranges from a dynamic jazz and funk influence to edgy rock riffs layered with intricate lyricism, potent symbolism and thought-provoking storytelling.

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  • 02

    The Balance

    ft. Alonzo Wang Copasetic

  • 03

    Out Of Service

    ft. Sythe Copasetic

  • 04

    Meet The Bear


  • 05

    Murder Book

    ft. Gracelle B Copasetic

  • 06

    Special Du Jour

    ft. Dr Syntax and Kaboom Copasetic

  • 07


    ft. Alyssa Baker Copasetic

  • 08

    Mirror of Mind

    ft. Sythe and Anonymouz Copasetic

  • 09

    Let It Go


  • 10

    Dragon Soul


  • 11