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Kratos – My Mellow Yellow Taxi (ft. ILL-Legitimate)

My Mellow Yellow Taxi is a concept album and the first project of the dutch producer Kratos Himself. A 50 minutes long atmopsheric ride that features 14 tracks on which the listener sits shotgun in a mellow cab driven by Kratos Himself. On this big ride Kratos picks up several passengers. Every guest vocalist is one of these passengers. Each with their own ride, their own Story, their own luggage and each with their own destination. With features of: Anonymouz, Copasetic, K.J.B., R&W, Roxanne Janse and Sythe. Every track is a ride in the cab. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.

  • 01

    My Mellow Yellow Taxi:

    Opening Theme KRATOS

  • 02

    Lonely Ride


  • 03

    Start The Engine


  • 04

    My Mellow Magic Taxi

    ft. Anonymouz KRATOS

  • 05

    Lonely Ride II


  • 06


    ft. R&W KRATOS

  • 07

    The Producer’s Seat


  • 08

    Perfect Night

    ft. Sythe & R&W KRATOS

  • 09

    Side Story:

    The Story Of Yellow KRATOS

  • 10

    Lonely Ride III


  • 11

    The Unknown Passenger


  • 12

    He Asked Me To Stay

    ft. K.J.B KRATOS

  • 13

    The Meter

    ft. Copasetic KRATOS

  • 14

    Lonely Ride IV / Bumpy Ride


  • 15

    My Mellow Yellow Taxi:

    ft. Roxanne Janse KRATOS