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P-Butta – Got A Tic?!

This sophmore effort by the newest addition to the ill-legitimate family, Australian MC, P-Butta, is a real testament to the always. Created during his stay in Vancouver, and backed by the production of Chronic Sythe, the album resonates the sounds of Vancouver streets and suburbs, and speaks them through they eyes of a welcomed visitor. Featuring all underground Vancouver MCs: Anonymouz, Axiom, Azrael, Bound2Be, Copasetic, and the thick voice and playful flow of P-Butta, this album is guaranteed to be raw and lyrically hard-hitting, yet easy and smooth as a Vancouver evening to listen to.

  • 01

    On the Move


  • 02


    ft. Bound2Be P-Butta

  • 03

    You Know the Time

    ft. Azrael P-Butta

  • 04

    Molten Minds


  • 05

    Fuck with My High

    ft. Copasetic & Azrael P-Butta

  • 06


    ft. Anonymouz P-Butta

  • 07

    The Ticker


  • 08

    Never Enough

    ft. Axiom & Sythe P-Butta

  • 09


    ft. Sythe P-Butta

  • 10

    Listen Up

    ft. Anonymouz P-Butta