Hello friends, fam and world,

ILL-Legitimate is proud to announce that it has finally got their shit together… I know, right?!

Our goal is and has always been to connect and unite people. To do so, we need to be able to communicate effectively and as many underground artists know well, the hardest thing for an musician is to be heard.

We’ve always made music, released videos and performed in many places around the world for a long time, but have we ever allowed our audience to take part in it? It just hit us one day… Did we ever let our fans in?

If our goal is truly to connect with our people, should we not be focussing our efforts on creating a connection point to them to be able to do so?

Social Media is there but really, still, how many times do we STILL get asked the question: “How and where can we find your music?”

What if we could have a platform upon which to stand? What if these extremely dedicated artists had a stand through which to provide their art, to share their ideas, to connect and interact most closely with their listeners…? Literally a one stop, Shop.

Given everything that we know now… how can we best connect with our audience…?

“If you build it, they will come.” Well, we built it. The spirits are revived in our field of dreams and you can hear the Spielberg theme music on the crescendo while physically we reveal to you the brand. spanking. *shining* new ILL-LEGITIMATE.COM.

The idea around it was to make it as user friendly as possible; clean, easy. Just a couple of clicks will link you directly to every corner of action in our operation. Meet all of our members individually and get access to all of their artistic catalogues, videos, social media, blogs and sites. The latest news, tracks, albums, videos, battles, interviews, stay updated as to where you can catch any of our artists live next… EVERYTHING. We even build a brand new store with all NEW designs.

All day access, made easy.

If you have any questions at all for us… the answer is at #ILLALLDAY