Anon: Tour Recap – Arriving in Holland

Time to fly. And so it begins…

I flew direct from Vancouver to Amsterdam and straight up there is nothing like direct flights. You step into a room, it shakes for a few hours, then abracadabra you step back out in a whole new world.

Holland was was going to be our home base. Riss lives there, so do lots of our friends, weed is legal, beer is good and cheap, my lady is from there too so it’s definitely a home away from home. Butta got there a few days before us and was soaking it up with Rissy at his place.

I arrived in Schipol airport at 12:15pm, and met up Atti who got here just 1.5 hours earlier. His face was all lit up as it was his first time in Europe, and this dream that we had been working on for a whole year had now become a reality. There we were.

Riss and Butta showed up at the gate to greet us. This was the first time Atti had met either Butta or Riss so that was dope. We packed in Riss small ass car like a circus act and headed right away to sample some of Amsterdam’s finest coffee… 

… turns out these coffee shops don’t sell coffee at all! The menu was divided in two between “Wiet” and “Hasj” with about 5 choices per side. We picked up the nicest Great White Shark I’d ever seen, some bomb Cheese, some Moroccan Hash, even some CBD Trainwreck. All the nugs looked like High Times centrefolds; the curing and overall aesthetics game out there is bonkers. The team couldn’t understand why I was smoking CBD at first… like why would I want to smoke something that doesn’t get me high? Soon they understood. We twisted some chubs and burnt our first one on a bridge over an old Dutch canal. What a time to be alive.

We stopped at Riss place, unloaded, and went to the Albert Heijn – their Safeway or Save-on foods – and reloaded the car with food of all types. We got a 24 case of Hertog Jan – which some say is the best Dutch beer – for 10 Euros…. oh ya, and if we return all the bottles in the case we get 4 Euros back, so that’s brings the cost to 6 Euros total for the case, fucken 40 cents a beer guy……….

Big up to Rissy for having us stay at his spot, it was the perfect home base. We were greeted by a beautiful day in Holland; 23 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We set ourselves up in Riss back yard which is like a zen garden and got ready for a full day of relaxing and planning, clapping beers and passing trees.

Butta came out and set up the speakers and the first thing that would come out of them was this Hashfingers beat. We lost our minds, the phones came out right quick and everyone got inside them, writing. An hour later we were in Riss’ booth upstairs recording Popopo. The track was murderous and turned out fly. So we added it to the show list. Little did we know it would have the impact that it did. Probably the biggest banger on the tour.

We stayed in the backyard, drank and smoked as old friends do until jet-lag body-slammed us.

We can rest easy because the set is locked down and ready. Tour starts in 3 days.

Scarfo arrives from Italy tomorrow afternoon. HAMBURG FIRST.