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The W.A.S. – Songs4Sixto

The new concept out of the ILL-LEGITIMATE camp – THE W.A.S. is here!

This 5 track EP bares pure soul through and through – a blend of folk, rock, blues, soul and hip-hop, inspired by and paying homage to the great Sixto Rodriguez – with vibrations you can feel in your bones.

The WAS is comprised of Wickberg on guitar, Attikus on the mic & Sythe on the beats.


Sythe samples classic Rodriguez hits and makes a beat in his classic hip-hop format, chopping the break, looping it, stacking drums. Enter his actual blood brother Wickberg, to really bring the track to life with layers of bright, crisp acoustic guitar. Master Rob Bailey rounds out the track with smooth electric upright bass and complements the atmosphere with either steel petal, organ or keys. Atti is the centre-piece with the voice and the words. The growl of his bluesman soul rises bellowing from the centre of his heavy belly when he sings; and when he raps, even on smooth and uplifting topics, the lethalness of Attikus stays flexing consistently.

Fully produced by Rob Bailey (Alice Cooper, Queensryche, Loverboy) at The Treehouse Studio.

This project will move your soul. Trust.