Azrael is a consistently surprising emcee, working hard like a steel toe over the previous decade on several cult classic albums with the Imaginations Treetrunk label. He stands out as a thoughtful lyricist with his deep, dulcet voice and unconventional writing style that has been developing in Vancouver’s hip-hop scene since 2003.

In his early career Azzy was a part of the group This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised (DDR) which produced self-entitled cult album. He was young, hungry and very active, featured on the Imaginations Treetrunk label compilations Branching Out (2005), Branching Further(2005), EFFESSBEE (2011). He also released two projects with Chadio, one as the duo, Quoted Motives, called The Kitchen Sink (2006) and another a two part, two disc project called Bangers & Mashers(2008). His most notable release during this period was as part of the duo Tap Water with Vancouver freestyler, and then label-mate, Aspire, entitled Breadcrumbs (2006).  *Click* the Bandcamp Link to the right to check them all out on Azrael’s personal Bandcamp ===>>>

“Dr. Velvet”, as Nicky Scarfo calls him, really rounded out and cemented his own style when he started releasing his own work. His first solo album was his last with Imaginations Treetrunk, but with Aalo Guha working the boards for the whole experience, The Doldrums (2009) is groovy and bangs hard while Azzy bares the raw, sullen, sincere and soulful style.

Azrael met Sythe in 2009 through their common passion for classic jazz and soon the creative juices were flowing again. Azrael released his first project under ILL-Legitimate Productions, a collaboration with Sythe to create one of the most memorable albums of Vancouver’s rap heritage, the jazz/hip-hop fusion LP “Pocket Watch”. In Pocket Watch, Sythe flips records of jazz standards into elegant and swingy, yet dusty and dirty hip-hop beats while one live instrument is invited to accompany solo. Meanwhile, Azzy sits in a room with his eyes closed and the beat playing for an hour, then emerges with an entire song memorized in his head.

They followed that up in a five-track EP comprised of a harder, more aggressive sound called Medium Rare (2011) and finally, ILL-LEGITIMATE: The Album (2012) alongside the whole squad where he provided key features.

Azzy always has projects on the go, collaborating with different artists & producers to keep his game sharp. His goal is to be the one of the most prolific artists in the world and he is well on his way, boasting the largest body of work out of the crew. Since medium rare he has released 2 more solo albums, On The Table (2011), inspired by Otis Redding, and Volume Room (2014) with beats by Canadian producer/mastermind, Metawon. Notwithstanding the breadth of his work, the consistency of his product is unrivalled from an unbiased standpoint. Further to that he produced another group project, Murdiddlyurdlers(2013), a Simpsons Halloween concept album with Vancouver MC and fellow Simpsons buff, Inkspill.

Azrael is a well trained emcee and if you disagree, you are not catching it. Having opened up for the likes of Devin The DudeSean PriceIll BillR.A. The Rugged ManSmif-n-WessonMasta Ace & WordsworthPharaohe MonchGuruRapsodyKillah Priest he has developed a trademark captivating stage show whether solo, doing duets with his pals, Chadio or Inkspill, or alongside the whole crew.

You can catch Azrael in kill mode once again on … -STITCHED- : The crew compilation album.

Azzy’s got a few releases in the chamber for 2020, blasting off on Valentine’s Day with The Ron DesVouz EP – a suave 5-track project showcasing appreciation for the sensuality of the 5 senses.

Be on the lookout for a full-length album dropping Summer 2020….  Azrael Raps Good Vol. 1 !

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