WE are ILL-Legitimate, an international hip-hop crew consisting of 10 artist, producers and lyricists, with members from different parts of the world. While we operate as a guild of artisans, our goal is beyond self-mastery or a mastery of the martial-arts and its elements. Our true mission is to connect and mobilize people thought the music and to show the universe that people from different cultures and places can come together as one movement speaking one message of peace, unity, strength and excellence.

Whether as wordsmiths, beat-smiths or creating bomb visuals, we approach our craft with diligence, honour and discipline and always strive for absolute excellence. ILL-Legitimate is essentially a philosophy of existence focused on mental and spiritual growth, of self and also of building community, executed musically in the purest form, raw poetry and hard, groovy beats, although we take the word “execute” a little more seriously than your average. We aim for excellence; to elevate the art and bring the message of the unadulterated truth to new levels.

Our belief is that hip-hop is a kind of folk music, one that focuses on more than just traditions and customs, but further to that, moves with the people and stays current to the state of the people in the present times. We love music from all genres, times and cultures, and this sort of universal exposure has influenced our sound heavily. So, while this crew originated on the West Coast of Canada and expresses the sounds and vibes of the streets and neighbourhoods of Vancouver’s underground; its style and sound, granted the fact that everyone here in Vancouver originates from someplace else in the world, has a unique story to tell, one that is very global in its feel.

For this reason, ILL-Legitimate embraces members spanning across the globe from Canada to Europe to Asia to Australia, to uptake this sign… this pledge to progress with integrity…to ILL… Legitimately.

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Anon. AOK. Atty. Azzy. Butta. Cope. Riss. Nicky. SLMNDR. Sythe


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