Supergroup, ILL-LEGITIMATE, was never even meant to be a group at all. What started out as a collection of solo artists alike in their mentality and united in their quest, quickly bonded together into one unit – united thanks to the soundscapes provided by Sythe and Scarfo’s production – but ultimately by a force bigger than all of us. We gathered in the same places to record, we worked and trained together, tested and developed our skills; pushed each other to always achieve higher feats of excellence. Through the years and the ups and downs of life we grew closer and kept growing, attracting more like-minded soldiers, eventually culminating in this ILL brotherhood. It was over time and with much synergy that we realized that we also all sounded right together. When we combined forces, the only objective was to attack the art as hard we could and to out-do the last guy. The result was a collaboration of an even higher degree, offering a multitude of styles, experiences and perspectives that surpassed anything we had done individually. ***Read the whole story of how ILL-Legitimate formed in our ABOUT section***

ILL-LEGITIMATE as a crew released its first album, ILL-LEGITIMATE: The Album, in 2012. It was more well-received than any previous work. ILL-LEGIT albums are essentially a look into the vault, behind closed doors, into the dojo. Where peaceful in nature, forward-thinking artists train to weaponize the truth and destroy their opponents.

ILL-Legitimate as a united group form perfectly on a scale. Each individual artist forms on a musical scale, each equidistant on the meter from the other. As one singular instrument and our styles are like notes that construct a myriad of unique combinations all focused on one singular vision: killing it.

ILL-LEGITIMATE live stage show is nothing short of EXPLOSIVE. In our history performing together we have destroyed amped up crowds around the world. The level of energy we bring on stage stems from our vast experience, love and the dedication we have for the art.

**The highlights or our stage resume can be seen in the LIVE section of the site. Or on each of the artist profiles **

Throughout all the ups and downs of our careers, the close calls and hard lessons, the unexpected twists, the realness, the interwoven karmic threads of our lives are always connected. Who the fuck said family isn’t family anymore. THE ILL RETURNED IN 2018… AND HAS A LOT MORE COMING.


features all ILL-LEGITIMATE MEMBERS new and old as well as verses by BREVNER, ASPIRE, DENZ, INKSPILL & JUNK.

Available through ALL major networks !!!!!

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