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ILL-LEGITIMATE is back with it’s first single off it’s brand new album… SNAKE POND!

“Look at the world around us.

We are on the brink of war it seems… again.

We fight amongst each other without understanding that the enemy is within us. The snake aims to manipulate our actions in the most devious and subtle of ways. The father of greed, selfishness and apathy has ladders now, and has rooted its corruption deep in our society and in our souls.

We’ve come to know this enemy intimately, danced with it, fought it. It came at us hard from all angles … but the true force is too strong within us. Love perseveres over hate and fear, and as long as we stay true and have each other we will always overcome.

We’re here to show the world that different people, good people, can come together and work together, speaking one message even if not the same language. ILL-Legit fights back where it counts, no petty sh*t. The army suits are a metaphor… and this shoot was all fun… but nonetheless here we are…

In the trenches of the Snake Pond.”

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