ANON: Setting up “DOO WOP” – THE MUVIE

A Music Movie = Muvie 📽️ One week before the shoot we had no concept…

Only a beat by @the.chopfather and very strong feel for what to do.

Monday: a team meeting resulted in no result, we all just went our separate ways, feeling annoyed.

Tuesday: rolled out of bed and wrote it all out. My insane director ILL-brother @filipposoevv was in Vancouver at the time and we linked up, discussed our plan of attack and went to work like madmen.

Wednesday: The onslaught continued. Through the day, as we tore across the GVA to lock down locations, equipment and props our idea evolved into what it is now. Reality and spoof. Dark and light. The message buried under layers and layers.

Thursday: Thankfully God sent angels in the form of @cutprintcheck  @notoriouslisaad for support in whipping the technical side of things into shape…. 🙏🏼

Friday: Nicky Scarfo himself flew into town

We slept like 5 hours total from Tuesday until Saturday morning at 5am for the start of the shoot… It was madness. It was stress. It was so much fuckin fun to shoot. I hope it was worth it. 😅