Butta: Half-time thoughts on ILL-LEGITIMATE’s Kickstarter campaign

What up my people,
If you are not aware already, our family ILL-LEGITIMATE is making a genuine attempt at their first ever world tour and we’ve enlisted Kickstarter to help us out. Although it takes real hard money to make this a reality, what I’ve learnt in these last two weeks, is that crowdfunding is not about fund raising, it’s about connecting  I mean seriously connecting with our family and our friends – and sharing what it means to make this music. The funny thing is, through sharing this, in a similar way as with learning through teaching… I’m connecting in a more profound way with my music  –  ILL-Legitimate’s music  –  more than ever before.
We have been grinding – non-stop – sharpening the blades to bring our illest music to the tables… for more than a minute. But now it feels different: I am energised by the atmosphere within Ill-Legit. We are taking our commitment to this music beyond the music itself now, and placing importance in the movement of the music:  How far can we reach? I don’t know, I mean really, this is the dream for me:

Pages..  to stages.. to radio stations! Air play… to Air planes!

Personally, I would love for ILL-Legitimate to reach its ultimate goal of a world tour, as Australia is my home and  Sythe, Anonymouz, and Cope have all spent mad time in here. People here know what Ill-Legitimate is, and what we represent, but we’ve never been able to do a show here as a unit – which makes me sad
To be able to tour Australia as a unit now, and show them where our music is at, and what we do with a stage – How ILL!
 … there is power in the message that is grounded by ILL skills and bound by LEGIT fibre 
This is what we are here for! Right now I am feeding off the energy that we are getting back from our friends and fam… up til the crack of dawn every night, connecting with dope people all over the world through this music! This is DOPE!!
This is Hip Hop