Copasetic: Recap of SNOWCOAST 4 – CAN vs USA

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The theme was Canada vs America for Snow Coast this year as we packed 100 odd people in a bar under a bar on a cold Minnesota night. Team Canada was the all star lineup you come to expect from our country. Me, Billy Shakes and Kid Franklin. Absolute legends. We were pitted against the most dangerous comp America could muster… from the No Coast North roster. Ro, Dust the Dave and Shake. Also legends.

V Syn vs Malevolent Smith

V has a fun style, he’s very knowledgeable about battlerap format and keeps a good mix of clowning and bars. Smith had a bunch of wordplay and rapping, you can tell he put a lot of effort into his writing but not as much into performance which hurt him.

Analyrical vs Chin Chilla

Ana had a great performance. He connected with the audience using a more base humour but was extremely effective with his Asian jokes etc. Chin had a more punchline oriented style and had some solid material despite being overpowered by Analyrical.

Kid Franklin vs Shake

Kid Franklin is a young star from the Alberta division of Smoked Out. He is still learning the ropes but already has a firm grasp of writing and performance and gets better with every battle. He fought back against a dominant Shake in hostile American territory and handled it exceedingly well. Shake was maybe the best I’ve seen him. His strength is freestyling (he won the freestyle tournament afterwards as well) but his angles and projection were among the best that night. Maybe potn.

Father Focus vs Desi Baker

I was looking forward to this battle the most. FF has an obvious talent for rapping and punching and Desi brings an intensity and energy that especially resonates with a live performance. They had a solid back and forth, maybe less bars than I was expecting but some great quotables and kept the momentum up from the previous battle. It was a close one that should look great on YouTube for both these guys.

Billy Shakes vs Dust the Dave

I like Dave a lot. He roasted Billy from the jump and had the most fun and creative rounds of the night. Billy exhibited his veteran abilities in freestyling some great flips, he also had some of the most awkward and uncomfortable material in there too, which I loved, but overall he definitely held his own against the energetic American.


I was outside going over my shit so I only caught the last half of XLV in this one rounder but he was cooking in the stuff I saw. PT had a gimmick and people were saying he did really well too, looking forward to catching this one on YouTube.

Copasetic vs Ro

Ro is great, he brings those 90s bars that I love and has a great energy and performance to compliment his clever writing. He made a bunch of hilarious self aware jokes and I genuinely enjoyed getting a front row seat for his material. I was happy with my performance, and happy to make the crowd laugh. Feel like the whole Canadian team was fighting an uphill battle with the crowd but did a great job keeping things close.

Overall it was a fun atmosphere with a decently sized and knowledgeable crowd. The staff kept everything running on time and for the most part every emcee was treated with respect. I ate about $50 worth of Tacobell after and didn’t stop stuffing myself with American food until I was on the plane back home. Totally worth it. 10/10 would come back to Minnesota again.

– Cope